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Haircut + Style

 *Prices vary by stylist.
*additional Charges may be applied depending on hair length and density.

Medium - Long Haircut
current length of hair is below the ears.
$75 - $95+

Short Haircut
Current length of hair is above the ears. also considered a traditional mens cut or pixie cut.
$65 - 85+

Transformational haircut
A completely different cut than what's currently existing. A big transformation that may include losing significant length, adding bangs and/or layers, removing bulk or creating texture. More time is needed to give a noticeably new and customized look.  
$95 - $125+

fringe Trim
Trimming up existing bangs or Creating new ones.
$15 - $25+

Neck Trim

Cleaning up neckline and around the ears. 
$15 - $25+

Shampoo Blow Dry

A luxurious wash and blown out style.
(for waves or flat iron, please book the add on option separately, as more time will be needed.)
$65 - $75+

*Add on Waves or Flat Iron
add this on to any service.
$20 - $25+

**All full service haircuts include a shampoo & blow dry.

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